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It all started....

back in 1989 when Daniel J. Red Goldstein, widely known as Red, found himself suspended in a matrix of euphoria. A day that started with a leisure swim at the YMCA pool, quickly turned into a pursuit of life-long happiness. 

Red hadn't become the lawyer he dreamed about. He didn't finish college. And he wasn't going to take over the family business. Everything he had planned had somehow become redirected. Yet, on that sunny day back in 1989, as he sat poolside, he realized how great life was. 

He was basking in the joy he felt. Red's experience was so intense that when he was suddenly jarred from his euphoric trance upon returning home, he spent the next several days searching for what those feelings were.

Red discovered his life was made up of all the little things within that have purpose. And ultimately, the more he assigned purpose to everyday matters previously seeming unimportant, the more fulfilled he became. That epiphany led to the creation of SpiritPoint, a system that allows you to transform your life by organizing, connecting and balancing what Red calls the Six Aspects of Life: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, World, Family and Career.

Once Red discovered SpiritPoint, he started sharing its message with those around him. The reception was so powerful that he was inspired to bring its dynamism to print.

You, too, can balance the Six Aspects of your Life.


Also available for digital download.


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SpiritPoint: Balancing the Six Aspects of Life is a small, elegant, easy to read book to help you assess how you “live” the most important areas of your life and to clearly understand what you can do in order to balance your life in a healthier, more satisfactory way.
— Abigail Brenner, M.D., author of SHIFT: How to Deal When Life Changes and Replacement Children: The Unconscious Script
In this book, Red Goldstein shares wisdom drawn from his own life experience that echoes some of the most profound teaching in the religious cultures of our world. Undoubtedly, there will be many that will gain inspiration and guidance from his insights.
— Rabbi David Rosen, KSG CBE International Director of Interreligious Affairs, American Jewish Committee


…an eminently readable text.  The personal quality of Red Goldstein’s address to the reader and the frequent telling of stories from his own life add credibility to the proposal and allow the reader to enter a relationship with him while considering the counsel he’s offered.  It all rings very true to me and the open and inviting tone of his voice in this text should help the reader to continue on the journey through these chapters and beyond.
— D. Newell Williams, President and professor of Modern and American Church History, Brite Divinity School
I truly appreciate the conversational style of the book. The visual on the six points is very helpful. I like how the author gives six points for each of the six points. The way the book concludes gives you very practical ways to reassess your life, reflect on your life, and make goals for yourself going forward.
— Rev. Dr. Christopher Wilson, Senior Minister, Rush Creek Christian Church (Disciple of Christ), Arlington, TX


Red Goldstein turned his life experiences into valuable lessons. Really, how many people use life’s curve balls as excuses to sink into depravity, self-loathing, and worse, self-destruction? The author shows how to use those experiences to transform our lives into happiness. 
— Jeri Petersen, Freelance Writer and Magazine Editor
Red Goldstein invites us to take a walk through less traveled parts of our lives and ask questions. His reflections offer a map of one route to finding a life filled with value and meaning. It is a much-needed antidote to a world that often acts first and thinks second.
— Rabbi Brian Zimmerman, Senior Rabbi, Beth-El Congregation, Fort Worth, TX


I am impressed with the thoughtfulness, self-reflection, candidness and the optimism this book reflects.
— Paul R. Ray, Jr. CEO, Paul Ray & Company | Executive Search
The work Red Goldstein has done can truly change, empower and better people’s lives and that is amazing. Thanks for taking time for all of humanity, all the way to just one person that can benefit. Really inspiring.
— D. Pouya Yadegar, Chief investment Officer, Prime Opportunities, Inc. Beverly Hills, CA
SpiritPoint makes the aspects of who we are tangible and connects the dots of the intangible in a way that can serve as a guide to be the best we human beings can be. Mind, body and spirit are these aspects and SpiritPoint highlights each of these in detail with a magical balance of energetic vibrations of mathematics.
— Tatiana Miller, Stress Management Consultant, Holistic Medicine Fort Worth
We can all use something to disrupt our inertia and get us moving. Self-reflection on the different aspects of life is something we should all do. You have provided a method whereby a novice self-reflector can have somewhere to begin. It’s an excellent roadmap for anyone to identify and begin to act on aspects of their life that need improvement.
— Brent Petersen, Former Bishop and Faith Leaders Cabinet member from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

you can identify and begin to act on aspects of your life that need improvement.

For years, I’ve watched Red Goldstein hone his skills as a leader and as a community citizen and I can affirm that he is authentic as he sounds in SpiritPoint. That is why I recommend his book happily and without reservation. Red is a special man, a good thinker, a generous friend. You will appreciate his SpiritPoint.
— Dr. Tahita Fulkerson, Former President Tarrant County College, Trinity River Campus, Fort Worth, TX
For me, the SpiritPoint System is a lodestar, a reliable guide to a more balanced, productive and fulfilling life.
— Vernon E. Rew, Jr., Attorney, Whitaker Chalk Attorneys & Counselors

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